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Bamboo Flag Museum: 'Routes of a Nation'

February 15, 2016

The Bamboo Flag Museum is a representation of the resilient spirit of the Filipino people.


RESILIENT. A giant bamboo flag installation commemorates the Filipino spirit. All Photos by Ira Agting



MANILA, Philippines - To celebrate the Philippines' 115th year as an independent naton standing proud, Makati City presents a giant Bamboo Flag Museum featuring chapters of our country's history.


The structure, made completely out of bamboo, houses a gallery entitled "Grass: Routes of a Nation," where visitors can appreciate images rendering the Filipino's struggles and triumphs.


The design of the structure and the layout of the gallery inside was by Rubbertree Design Studio; fabrication of the structure and all museum panels were by American Creative Design, Inc. and materials supplied by Manila Baboo Store, in collaboration with other institutions — the Cultural Center of the Philippines, the National Historical Commission of the Philippines and the Filipinas Heritage Library —that aim to promote the Philippines' culture and heritage.


THE JOURNEY BEGINS. The installation is a 3 dimensional tribute to the country's history



At the unveiling ceremony on June 11, the chairwoman of the National Historical Commission of the Philippines, Dr. Ma. Serena Diokno, talked about the bamboo's sturdiness and strength, along with the Filipino people's resilience in shaping the pivotal events in their history.


The museum's welcome message conveys the same theme: "The Filipino is praised for bending with the wind, but never breaking."


WALK THROUGH. The Bamboo Flag Museum is a rendering of key chapters in our nationhood



From the revolution of 1896 to the more contemporary tragedy of Ondoy, the nation somehow pulled through, said Diokno.


Yet within our rich narrative lies the question of whether we have learned from this history.

Proverbs about the bamboo's strength and adaptability are posted around the gallery. Perhaps what the structure seeks to remind the people is not entirely about how we survived the past but how to prepare for what's to come.


The Bamboo Flag Gallery stands at the Ayala Triangle where it will be available for viewing up to July 31.


Here are more photos from inside the Bamboo Flag Museum:



HERITAGE. The museum also features a bamboo house and embroidered clothing



STRONG AND PROUD. Pride of place in this gallery is given to the virtue of bravery.



BAMBOO INSTRUMENTS. Also on display are the pan pipes, the kalatok and the angklung



END OF JOURNEY. One leaves this walk-through, impressed by the spirit of youth in the bright open future.



The program that accompanied the unveiling highlighted the diversity of our country's culture, including an intense balagtasan that enlivened the crowd and dance presentations of the tinikling, singkil and palo sebo, as performed by Banda Kawayan of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines and by Palihang Hagonoy. Michael, a member of Banda Kawayan, said promoting Filipino culture should be a collaborative effort between the government and the schools. The night was capped by a splendid treat of Filipino food. -