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Barangay Bangkal, Makati City

January 24, 2014



Barangay Bangkal is one of the seven (7) barangays comprising the Westside Cluster or Cluster 2 in the first district of Makati. It has a land area of 0.8759 square kilometers which occupies 3.2% of the City’s total land area. Based on the 2010 Census of population released by the National Statistics Office, Bangkal has 23,378 residents which is 4.4% share with the City’s population and a population density of 27 persons per 1,000 square meters. This barangay is bounded by Barangay Pio del Pilar in the north, Barangay Magallanes in the south, Barangay San Lorenzo in the east and Pasay City in the west.


Bangkal is a predominantly commercial area because of the business establishments along the main thoroughfares like EDSA, South Superhighway and Evangelista St. where various automotive shops are situated.


Bangkal is well-known for its thrift shops located in Hizon St. where second hand antique stores are situated. Each store seemed to carry collections of old, wooden furniture; intricately carved sculptures and lamps and other antique collections.




Barangay Bangkal derived its name from the tree called 'Bangkal'. The early inhabitants gave the name because during those times, Bangkal trees were in abundance. To give more significance to the site, the residents planted the tree as its boundary marker. It used to abound with entertainment establishments catering both the locals and foreigners. The residents, however, being devout Christians and law abiding citizens, wanted to get rid of the notoriety in their place. And their efforts proved to be a success as can be seen in the improvements that had been effected in the community.

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