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Manila Bamboo Sawali Woven Bamboo Matting
Manila Bamboo Sawali Woven Bamboo Matting
Manila Bamboo Sawali Woven Bamboo Matting
Manila Bamboo Sawali Woven Bamboo Matting
  • A Sustainable Scaffolding Alternative: Bamboo Scaffolding

Bamboo, though in the grass family, is woody in nature and is widely recognized as one of the fastest growing woody plants ever known to man. Bamboo poles are unique in the sense that though light, they have high strength and durability properties. This characteristic can be attributed to its hollow stem and nodes. Bamboo used in the construction industry can be either in the form of full culms or splits.

Competitiveness of Bamboo Scaffolding

Bamboo scaffolds are commonly employed in building construction to provide temporary access and working platforms for construction workers and supervisory staff. Owing to their high adaptability, speediness and low construction cost, bamboo scaffolds can be constructed in any layout to follow various irregular architectural features of a building within a comparatively short period of time. Nowadays, in spite of open competition with many metal scaffolding systems, bamboo scaffolds remain one of the most preferred systems for access in building construction in China and the neighboring areas. The use of bamboo has advantages over other types of scaffolding in its flexibility, cost effectiveness and speediness in construction.

  • Flexibility

Bamboo can be cut and tailor-made easily to suit any contour of a construction structure.  Bamboo scaffolding can also be securely constructed at the middle of a building stretching a few floors. This flexibility of bamboo scaffolding is especially advantageous in heavily populated area where buildings are tall and crowded to provide only limited space for access by scaffolding.

  • Cost effectiveness


Comparing the price, a typical piece of bamboo is only about 15% the cost of a similar length of steel scaffolding. This vast difference in price is one of the other key reasons why bamboo scaffolding is widely used in Philippines and Southeast Asia.

  • Speediness

Bamboo is a light-weight material which can easily be manually handled, and the construction of bamboo scaffolding requires no machinery and no sophisticated hand tools. Bamboo scaffolding can thus be constructed much quicker than other types of scaffolding. It is estimated that the erecting of bamboo scaffolding is about six times faster, and the dismantling of bamboo scaffolding about twelve times faster than other types of scaffolding. This speediness of construction is quite often the overwhelming factor in bamboo's continuing use in Philippines and Southeast Asia.